Carrying out framing work with us

You authorise this work to be executed by us (Felstead Studios), with any materials and supplies needed. You recognise that extreme care will be taken with the article(s) being framed. Felstead Studios provides security and liability insurance against all artworks whilst in our care. If insurance to the full value of the artwork or any other type of insurance is needed then this must be arranged by yourself or through prior arrangements with Felstead Studios. You agree to assume all other risks and liabilities. You warrant to us that you have good and legal title to the articles being framed free of all encumbrances of any kind, or if the article(s) is/are not your property, it is you that has the unqualified authority of the owner of the article(s) to task us with the work to be undertaken. You understand that Felstead Studios is not responsible for any article(s) left over 30 days after completion of the above work and that after this time you may incur a storage charge of £2.50 per day. You understand that if the article(s) remain uncollected after 90 days, you risk your article(s) being sold to recoup our losses. As all work is bespoke, deposits are non refundable. We accept all major debit/credit cards and bank transfers. Felstead Studios is GDPR compliant and all client data remain con dential and secure at all times.