Picture Framing

Picture framing is a crucial stage for the protection and presentation of any object. A good frame can both increase the beauty of the object and increase its lifespan. We are happy to assist with the framing of everything from family photos and posters through to keepsakes, maps, awards, and certificates.


We take great pride and care with each frame built, no matter to artwork, object, or document to be framed. A good frame can increase or highlight the beauty. Careful consideration is taken with all the materials used, from the frame itself, to the glazing and the mounting. The choices made help both the aesthetics and preservation of what’s inside.

We would love to discuss any framing work you may have and always advise to arrange an appointment with us to discuss. We can also visit locations around London to inspect and discuss artworks on site.


If you would like more information about our framing services then please call us on 02086162292 or email us at