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Whilst we specialise in bespoke framing, we also build what we call our ‘readymade’ frames. These have been handmade by our framers to the same standards as our bespoke made frames. Readymades help us reduce our environmental impact by using up all excess materials from our bespoke framing work, greatly reducing any waste from the studio.


Most of our Readymades are priced to include the following;

  Mostly standard A sizes

•   Basic ‘to edge’ mounting

•   Standard glass

•   Standard backing

•   Wire hanging

Whilst all our bespoke framing will be done to a conservation or museum level standard, our readymades are not. If you require a work to be fully protected then please contact us.


Purchasing a Readymade is easy;

1. Browse and purchase online (or arrange to view in our studio)

2. Drop off the artwork or object to the studio (or have it delivered to us) 

3. Frames will be fitted and ready for collection or delivery within 1-2 days


If time is a factor, and if we’re available, we can complete Readymades on the same day. Please browse our readymades and then call us on 02086162292 before coming into the studio.


Readymades are a cheap and quick option for framing, but are not appropriate for everything. For anything precious, delicate, or of any particular value we always advise discussing a fully bespoke frame, allowing for the best level of protection and aesthetics.

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