Glass Options

Choosing the correct glazing is a crucial step and one we understand the importance of. We have carefully chosen all our glass options to meet both the protection and preservation requirements needed for our framing.


Compare all our glazing options

Standard glass used in a sandwich float mount.
Museum glass by Artglass (70%, 92%, and 99% UV protective).
  • Standard Glass

    • Our standard soda-lime float glass offers a more than appropriate level of protection against the environment. Whilst this particular glass does not stop reflections or protect against UV, it does have a higher clarity compared to other float glass on the market, thanks to a lower iron content.
    • 0% UV protective  |  Reflective  |  Not shatter resistant

  • Conservation Glass (UV99%)

    • Our Conservation Glass is the prefect cost-effective choice if UV protection is the only requirement. Made by ArtGlass™, this glass protects the artwork from 99% of harmful UV light.
    • 99% UV protective  |  Reflective  |  Not shatter resistant
    • ISO188902 – Compliant to ISO conservation standards

  • Museum Glass

    • Our high quality Museum Glass offer a combination of UV protection and anti-reflection, with 3 different grades based on the UV protection, of 70%, 92% and 99%. Produced by ArtGlass™, the museum glass we offer is renowned and relied upon by museums and collectors around the world.
    • 70%/92%/99% UV protective  |  Anti Reflective  |  Not shatter resistant
    • ISO188902 – Compliant to ISO conservation standards (99% grade only)
    • ISO18916 – Compliant to ISO conservation standards (99% grade only)

  • Protection Glass

    • Our Protection Glass offers an unparalleled level of conservation and protection. With two sheets of museum glass bonded in the middle with a layer of polyvinyl butyral resin, not only does this glass offer the same level of anti reflection as our other museum glass but it also offers shatter resistance and 99% UV protection. Produced by ArtGlass™, this is the leading glass on the market.
    • 99% UV protective  |  Anti Reflective  |  Shatter resistant
    • ISO18916 – Compliant to ISO conservation standards

Acrylic Options

Acrylic offers solutions to issues of weight and safety. For extra large frames we would use acrylic as standard. We also use acrylic for frames prone to excessive movement, for example exhibitions or works to be loaned regularly. All our acrylics are cast and of the highest quality to stop any warping when viewing artworks.


Compare all our glazing options 

Standard acrylic showing the same qualities as glass.
Conservation Glass filtering 99% of UV light.
  • Acrylic

    • Standard acrylic
    • 2mm/3mm
    • Reflective
    • No UV protection

  • UV Preservation Acrylic

    • Conservation acrylic
    • 3mm
    • Reflective
    • 99% UV protection

  • Museum Acrylic

    • Museum acrylic
    • 3mm
    • Anti-reflective
    • 99% UV protection

Comparison Chart

The following table compares the important properties across all 9 of our glazing options.