Still Life and White Gold

A selection of printworks investigating oral still lifes and ceramics, accompanying timeless prints by Aida [Wilde]

26th July – 30th September 2019

Private View: 6pm – 9pm, Friday 26th July

Still Life and White Gold offers a small insight into the use of ceramics, especially porcelain, in art. The selection of works on show are centred around a group of rarely seen serigraphs and cyanotypes by Aida [Wilde]. These beautiful artworks are complimented by a number of original 19th and 20th century intaglio prints, and digital print reproductions of Dutch Golden Age still lifes. All works shown highlight the importance of ceramics and porcelain.

Whilst ceramics in general has always stood as a highly prized material, porcelain in particular (also known as ‘white gold’) has historically represented benchmarks in both aesthetic and scientific mastery. European nations repetitively attempted to acquire the secrets of porcelain, which Chinese ceramicists had successfully developed thousands of years ago, and which remained an enigma to the rest of the world until the 18th century. The enchantment of porcelain frequently became the subject matter of many paintings and prints. The coveted material acts as a symbol of power, with wealth and class reflected in its imagery.

Aida [Wilde] is an Iranian born, London based printmaker/visual artist and educator. Aida’s pre-dominantly screen printed installations and social commentary posters have been featured on city streets around the world and are responsive works on gentrification, education & equality. Aida has been an active artist within the Hackney Wick community where she creates responsive works to the dramatic changes that are happening in the area, also curating the Lord Napier project for Hackney Wicked as well as the coinciding urban community exhibition Save Yourselves in October 2016.

Please contact us if you would like anymore information on the exhibition or if you would like to purchase any works shown.