Museum Standard

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We would love to discuss any framing work you may have and always advise to arrange an appointment with us to discuss. We can also visit locations around London to inspect and discuss artworks on site.


If you would like more information about our framing services then please call us on 02086162292 or email us at

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Museum Standard Guidelines

  1. Never carry out any action that cannot be undone. All methods must be reversible without leaving any damage or residue.
  2. All artworks must be handled appropriately. Clean hands, the wearing of gloves, and the use of clean work spaces in required.
  3. The highest quality archival materials must be used at every stage of framing. No chemicals, acids, or corrosive materials can be used.
  4. All artworks, mounting, and frames must be allowed movement. Expansion and contraction must be possible with changes in temperature and humidity.
  5. No artworks can be cut, trimmed, folded, permanently mounted, or dry-mounted.
  6. UV filtered glazing or museum glazing must be used on all frames.
  7. Artwork must never touch the glazing.
  8. Barrier materials must be used to seal in the rabbet, glazing, and the backing. The frame must be protected from any particulates and moisture.
  9. Honest judgement must be exercised at all times. No work should be carried out without the confidence and experience that it can be complete safely and successfully.
  10. Further professional help must be sought out for specialist procedures, such as for paper/painting conservation and restoration.