The Framing Process


The first step is always to consult with one of our framers with the artwork. We will consider your preferences and requirements, establishing the framing style, condition of the artwork, level of protection necessary, and hanging location. This can be a simple process but can also quite complex dependent on the artwork. Our initial conversation allows us to establish the ideal presentation for each artwork and we can have this conversation either at our studio or on site. Please contact us to book an appointment.


Once the requirements are established for each artwork then any preliminary work can be carried out. This includes flattening and pressing, drying and stabilising artworks from moisture, and conservation or restoration work, and all the mounting work needed for each artwork. The majority of this initial work will be carried out in house, but sometimes specialist work such as conservation work will be carried out off site. Insurance options are available for any works leaving our studio.


Each frame is built with the utmost care, with materials chosen based on their quality and environmental sustainability. Our task when building each frame is to protect and aesthetically compliment the artwork as best as possible. Our framers can complete frames is a wide variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary finishes. One of the final discussions to have when framing can be the choice of glazing, of which we have a number of different glass and acrylic options, including UV-protective and anti-glare.