Waxes and oils offer a subtly in colour, enhancing natural woods and grains. Our solid woods include oak, tulip, ash, pine, obeche, beech, and walnut. These can be left unfinished, developing a natural patina over time, or finished with a wide selection of waxes or oils, creating an alluring final frame.


Wood staining adds warmth and rich natural colours to a frame. Applied alone or in combinations with other stains and waxes, a wide variety of finishes can be created. The vibrant natural tones work perfectly for both traditional and contemporary framing requirements.


As the most common colours for contemporary framing, black or white offer neutrality, allowing an artwork to speak for itself. Both black and white can be created in a multitude of ways, from waxes, stains, paints and sprays, through to the more economical pre-finished mouldings we offer.


Gold and silver frames offer a bold rich finish, steeped in history. They work just as well paired with contemporary frames, as they do with more historically traditional styles. Golds and silvers can be applied to our frames using a number of different techniques including traditional gilding.


Hand painted frames are a staple of our bespoke finished work. We have 25 of our own standard colours, along with the entire collection of 132 Farrow & Ball colours. We can also match any colour required. Both frames and spacers can be hand painted, offering numerous combinations of colours, styles, and textures.


Spray finishes create flawlessly smooth finishes, both in matte and varying degrees of gloss. As with hand painting, colour matching is possible. We also offer a number of unique metallic spray finishes, imitating steel, iron, copper, or brass, and are a perfect lightweight alternative to solid metal framing.


Our range of textures create highly unique and tactile finishes. This includes different surface textures, marbling, stone and granite effects, craquelure, splatter and drip effects. We can apply textures, effects, and colours in a variety of combinations for any result required.


We offer a small range of pre-finished ornate profiles in golds, silvers, and blacks. We have carefully chosen these for their high quality, fine finish, and durability. These can offer the perfect way to choose traditional styles without the price-tags of antique framing or hand-carving and gilding.