Fine Framing

We offer a selection of unique and contemporary hand finished styles, perfect for both home and gallery spaces. Every frame is built to either our conservation standards or our museum standards, meaning all artworks remain safe and secure for years to come.  We can work with a number of objects from original artworks, works on paper, canvases, and photographs; through to documents, textiles, 3D objects, ephemera and keepsakes.

Canvas Stretching

We offer 9 different types of canvas stretchers, allowing us to cater to most requirements. Our standard exhibition stretchers are an ideal solution for most canvases, allowing artworks on canvas to stretched long term, remaining secure and taut. Our museum stretchers are built combining wood and metal, offering the highest level of quality and strength available. Lastly, our simple stretchers offer an ideal stretcher for temporary hangs and exhibitions.


We offer both Conservation Standard and Museum Standard mounting services. All mounting is safe to the artworks and fully reversible. Dry mounting can also be offered in a wide selection of substrates if required.

Conservation & Restoration

We can offer extensive conservation and restoration services on a variety of materials, in particular paper and paintings. All work is carried out in-house or through one of our partnered studios, dependent on the size and complexity. We can also offer conservation reports, investigative work and advice on preventative measures.

Plinths & Displays

We can offer a wide range of both floor standing or table-top plinths and display cases. All work is bespoke made to uniquely fit and showcase each artwork perfectly. We can also apply most of our frame finishes to plinths allowing for visual harmony across a variety of different display options.

Logistics & Installation

We work with a number of experienced art handlers, exhibition installers, and specialist courier services. This allows us to cover almost all logistical requirements our clients may need. We can arrange logistical services for local, national, and also international jobs.