Framing Services

The objects we frame are loosely broken down into three categories of framing; picture framing, fine art framing, and museum framing. These are a guide only and help to define the type of advice, services, and level of protection we would recommend.

‘We strive to offer a valuable input within the creative process, presenting and protecting each artwork as best we can and to the highest quality.’

Each frame is built to the highest quality and to a conservation level as standard, taking special care to pair each artwork with the correct style of frame. We pride ourselves in offering a unique service with our fine art framing, from initial advisory through to the final presentation.


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When standard conservation framing is not enough, we can also achieve a higher level of protection. These frames use the highest level of archival materials and mounting, and can also be environmentally sealed. There is a need for delicacy and precision with museum-style framing and our staff are full trained to handle all such jobs.


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Whilst we specialise in the framing and presentation of fine art, we are happy to frame just about anything. Whether this be prints, posters, family photos, newspapers, certificates, or anything in between. All of our picture framing is still carried out to a conservation level as standard.


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