bespoke framing

Felstead Studios is a bespoke framing company based in Hackney Wick, East London. We have a specialist focus on fine art, but our services ranging from traditional picture framing through to archival museum framing. Our high quality bespoke-made frames are built for everyone from private clients through to galleries and museums. Working closely with our clients, we help to present and protect their artworks precisely as required and in the best possible way.

The studio has brought together a group of talented and creative individuals whose understanding of framing stems from 25 years experience in the art industries. Including experience as framers, art handlers, gallerists, and art advisers. Most importantly, we look for staff with backgrounds as artists, creatives, and makers. This allows us to fully appreciate, understand, and effectively advise on each work of art or object.


Art remains at the centre of our passion. We understand the role we take within the creative process and the effect that role can have on the aesthetics of an artwork. The specifications of every frame built are carefully chosen to effectively present and protect each artwork.


We strive to offer the highest of standards with each of our frames, being built to either a conservation or museum level. We carefully select materials that hold industry recognised archival properties, allowing for complete protection of each object in our care.


We strive to make our bespoke frames works of art themselves. A frame is always prominent and the craftsmanship put into each one must stand a strong as the artwork encased inside. Creativity, experimentation, and ingenuity is sought out with everything we build.